Drawn cup needle roller bearing
SBF-The outer cup of drawn cup needle roller bearing is drawn from light steel in high precision. The bearings have extremely small radial dimensions and high load carrying capacity,are suitable for occcasion where is compact, space saving design and housing bore is inappropriate used as raceway.A futher axial loaction is unnecessary for them when pressing into housing bore as well.
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Drawn cup needle roller clutch
SBF─ Drawn cup needle roller clutch has the smallest radial cross-section height in the clutch. Commonly used to transmit high torque, can be used as converter, check device and overrunning clutch.
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Cylindrical roller clutch and ball bearing assembly
SBF-cylindrical roller clutch and ball bearing assembly are composed of roller clutch and deep groove ball bearing. It has the advantages of accurate positioning, small starting torque, small vibration, low noise and flexible rotation during overrunning, reliable locking and large torque transmission during reverse rotation. The cylindrical roller clutch and ball bearing assembly is a kind of combined bearing specially developed for the main engine such as the full-automatic washing machine. It is also suitable for the converter and check device with high torque transmission.
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Radial needle roller and cage assembly
SBF─The radial needle roller and cage assembly is independent rolling elements. The two guide surfaces of the cage are widely spaced, which can accurately guide the needle and maintain the correct position of the needle. This type of bearing is suitable for the occasion where the shaft and the housing bore can be used as raceway. When the shaft and the housing bore raceway processing to the specified dimensional and geometric accuracy ,the high rotation accuracy in the smallest space can be guaranteeed.
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Needle and cage assembly as-rod support
SBF-needle roller and cage assembly for connecting rod support is suitable for internal combustion engine and compressor. Because of its special design, it can be used as a support with high speed, high temperature and special load and motion state.
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Needle bearing
SBF-needle roller bearing can bear large radial load. This kind of bearing has inner ring and no inner ring, and G2 grade needle roller is assembled. The upper and lower deviation of its average diameter is within 2um. Adopting high rigidity cage, the needle roller can be correctly guided parallel to the axis.
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Thrust bearing
SBF-Thrust bearing comprises axial needle roller or axial cylindrical roller and cage assembly and Thrust bearing washer.The needle or cylindrical rollers are guided by cage and they can have different combinations when used with many differernt types and series washers.Thrust bearing washers are unnecessary when adjacent machine part surface is suitable for using as raceway.
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Cylindrical roller bearing
SBF - the roller of cylindrical roller bearing is guided by the inner or outer ring flange, and the roller is in line contact with the raceway, so the radial load capacity is relatively large, and it is suitable for high-speed rotation.
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Track needle roller bearing
SBF-Track roller is characterized by a thick-walled outer ring, which can roll directly on the raceway and can withstand heavy load. The outer surface of the outer ring is cylindrical or curved, and the curved shape can avoid edge stress.
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Rolling element
SBF provides a full range of needle roller with many specifications. The material is made of bearing steel, with hardness of 60-64HRC and surface roughness Ra≤0.2.
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Bearing part
SBF─IR inner ring is processed by heat treatment and precision machining. The dimensional tolerance and geometric accuracy meet national standards. The ends of the raceway surface generally have guide chamfers for installation. It is suitable for occasions where the shaft cannot be heat treated and used directly as raceway. The inner ring can achieve normal working clearance when using with needle roller bearings without inner ring made in SBF.
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Needle roller and flat cage assembly
Needle roller and flat cage assembly
SBF -needle roller and flat cage assembly can be used for machine tool bed surface and groove fitting as linear rolling support.
SBF - needle roller and flat cage assembly can also be used for radial bearing with journal larger than 200mm. The required length can be cut according to the size of shaft diameter, and it can be used after uniform external force acts on and finalizes.
Circular needle、roller guide support
SBF- circulating needle roller guide bearing is composed of hardened high-precision bearing body, high-precision roller, guide block and end cover. The support has reasonable design, high precision, large load, small friction force, good rigidity, long service life, and is convenient for maintenance and replacement.
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