• Cylindrical roller bearing

  • SBF - the roller of cylindrical roller bearing is guided by the inner or outer ring flange, and the roller is in line contact with the raceway, so the radial load capacity is relatively large, and it is suitable for high-speed rotation.
  • 圆柱滚子轴承
    Main structure types

    There are many types of cylindrical roller bearings, which are distinguished by structure, including N, NF, NJ, NU、NUP、NCL、RN and RNU.

    According to the load capacity, there are ordinary and reinforced cylindrical roller bearings. The external dimension of the reinforced cylindrical roller bearing is the same as that of the common type, but the roller diameter, length and quantity are increased, so the bearing capacity is increased.

    It is distinguished by the number of columns of cylindrical roller. There are single column and multi column cylindrical roller bearings.

    Product classification and details:

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